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Panevėžys Open 2008

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21st it Panevezys 2008 Open A regulation 2008.04.06 print

21 st International chess tournament Panevezys Open 2008

Open A  for players with ELO rating from 1900

Date: 2008 08 12 – 18

Venue: Panevezys chess club, Laisvės square 25B.   New  Playing Hall in

Organizer: Panevezys chess club

Address: Laisves sq. 25 B , LT – 35200 Panevėžys Tel.:             +370 (45) 431950       

Tournament Director: Arvydas Baltrūnas             +370 (676) 32388                   +370 (688) 34262       

E-mail : 

System and rate of play: 9 rounds, played in the Swiss system in accordance with the FIDE Laws of Chess. The playing time will be 90 minutes for 40 moves,plius 15 minutes till the end game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one.

Prizes: Prize fund - 6000 LTL (1 EURO ~3.45 LTL)

1 prize - 1500 LTL and the Cup

II prize – 1200 LTL

III prize – 1000 LTL

IV prize – 800 LTL

V prize – 600 LTL

VI prize – 400 LTL.

Special prizes in categories:

Best woman – 200 LTL.

Best junior (18 year or younger) – 150 LTL.

Best senior (60 year and older) – 150 LTL.

Organizers leave themselves the right to increase the prize fund or add additional prizes.

There are no double prizes. Only the major prize will be given. The minor prize will be given to the player of the same category placed next. Prize fund is guaranteed if there are no less than 50 participants.


In order to break ties among players with the same score the following tie-breaking procedures will be applied:

1. Buchholz coefficient (the lowest scoring opponent is discarded).

2. Full Buchholz.

3. Number of wins.

4. Progress.

Entry Fee:

GM, WGM, IM, WIM and player with ELO above 2400 – free.

For players with ELO:  2301 – 2399 – 50 LTL  (1 EURO ~3.45 LTL) 
                                          2201 – 2300 - 60 LTL 
                                          2101 – 2200 - 70 LTL 
                                           2001 - 2100 - 80 LTL 
                                          1900 – 2000 - 90 LTL
FM and WFM get 50% discount from entry fee.

Accommodation: For GM and WGM free.For other players all travel expenses, accommodation and meals must be covered by the participants themselves or their sponsoring organizations. The hostel costs from 30LTL/night. The hotel can be booked on request.The Hotel costs from 50 to 220 LTL/night.

Applications: should be sent to the tournament director Arvydas Baltrunas till 20th of July, 2008. Please indicate the following information: First name, Last name, ELO rating, title, Federation, Birth date (YYYY/MM/DD), e-mail address, contact phone and whether you will stay in hostel or hotel.

The number of participants is limited. So the organizers leave themselves the right to reject late entries, or increase the entry fee plus 10 LTL.

On arrival you should come to Panevezys chess club, Laisvės sq. 25 B.

Time Schedule:
Registration of the participants - 12th of August, 2008 from 10.00 till 14.00.

Tuesday       12.08.2008
The opening ceremony intended at 15.30. The beginning of the 1st round – 16.00. 
Wednesday  13.08.2008   - 10.00   2 nd round  and  from  16.00 - 3rd  round
Thursday       14.08.2008   - 16.00  4 th  round
Friday             15.08.2008  -  10.00  5 th  round  and  from   16.00 - 6th  round 
Saturday        16.08.2008  -  10.00  7 th  round   from  16.00 mach  Lithuania - Latvia 100 games
                                                  from 19.00  blitz  tournament
Sunday           17.08.2008  -  16.00  8 th round
Monday          18.08.2008  -   10.00  9 th  round  and 15.00  closing ceremony 


For additional information and conditions please contact by the phone or e-mail indicated above.

Organizers leave themselves the right to make all the necessary changes.

About last year Panevezys Open 2007 tournament see




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